Dallas/Collin Counties

The Poor People's Campaign joins forces with poor and low-wealth impacted people,

moral & religious leaders and advocates and an ever-growing list of partner organizations. 

Montgomery-to-Selma Style March from


It’s time for a Moral March
calling on our U.S. Leaders
to act now and stop attacks on democracy!

  1. End the Filibuster

  2. Pass all the provisions of the For the People Act

  3. Fully restore the 1965 Voting Rights Act

  4. Raise the Federal Minimum Wage to $15 / hour


Launch Rally in Georgetown



3-Day March to Austin

Rally on the Capitol steps

Caravan of 151   cars and

151 cars follow the March into Austin representing 151 years since the passage of the 15th Amendment which guarantees the right to vote regardless of race or color.

are doing. . .

Dallas/Collin Counties

M.   O.   R.   E.





Our first in-person gathering was on June 7, 2021, when we co-hosted a press conference with other Texas groups in coordination with 49 other states to bring awareness to the need for a Third Reconstruction in America.  

Group wo masks.heic

Dallas/Collin partnered with Faith Forward Dallas whose chair, Rabbi Andrew Paley, spoke during the event. Members divided into teams to contact local media, manage phone / text banks and send emails to their networks and faith leaders.

Patry speaking.heic
Jennifer speaking.heic

Also in June of 2021, we joined Faith Forward Dallas and United Way of Dallas to enroll applicants in the Emergency Rental Assistance program for tenants who have been economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of the $1.9 billion allocated to Texas has gone unused because many eligible tenants are either unaware of the program or need help submitting the application. (We discovered that on average, about 2 hours was needed to complete each application.) 

Summer/Fall 2020

Dallas/Collin distributed 1,000 postcards with a QR code linked to REGISTER2VOTE.ORG, targeting area food banks, parents in parking lots after-school, Parkland clinics, etc. The reverse side of the postcard was in Spanish and in some cases the postcards were stapled to a voter registration cards with the label:

postcard label Eng.jpg
Pic Voting Postcard.jpg