Collin County Updates

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Q&A on Absentee/Ballot by Mail Voting: 

What If I change my mind and Want to vote in person?:

  1. Take your mail in ballot to the polls with you whether it has been opened, filled out or is still sealed.

  2. Surrender the mail in ballot to the Poll Judge and request to vote in person.

  3. Mail Ballot will be accepted, and you will be allowed to cast a regular vote.

  4. IMPORTANT: If you do not bring the mail-in ballot with you to surrender to the Poll Judge, you will only be allowed to vote a Provisional Ballot.  Provisional Ballots are only counted after the elections officials have determined that you did not vote using the mail in ballot.

What other way may I submit my mail in ballot?:

  1. You can also submit your mail-in ballot in person to the Collin County Elections Office.  

  2. The elections office is located at 2010 Redbud Blvd, McKinney TX 75069.  The local phone number is          972-547-1990  or metro number 972-424-1460.  

  3. You can only submit YOUR ballot.  You cannot submit a  ballot for anyone else.

  4. You will be required to go into the Elections Office to submit your ballot and sign the Poll register.  You MUST have acceptable Identification.

  5. Acceptable forms of identification are listed below. If a voter does not possess one of the forms of acceptable photo identification listed below, go to the Collin County Elections website for steps to execute a Reasonable Impediment Declaration.

  • Texas Driver License issued by the Department of Public Safety (“DPS”); 

  • Texas Election Identification Certificate issued by DPS; 

  • Texas Personal Identification Card issued by DPS; 

  • Texas Handgun License issued by DPS; 

  • United States Military Identification Card containing the person’s photograph; 

  • United States Citizenship Certificate containing the person’s photograph; or 

  • United States Passport (book or card).

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Voting For people With Disabilities:

There are special arrangements for people with disabilities to vote.  You can request to vote in your vehicle,  The voting machine will be brought to your vehicle.  

For more information go to Collin County Elections at: