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The City Is Closing Shelters It Set Up For Homeless Austinites During COVID. Residents Want To Know When.

KUT 90.5 | By Andrew Weber

Published December 18, 2020 at 5:01 AM CST

Austin PPC member Penny Adrian has worked tirelessly to help her friends, Helen and Mary (who are featured in this story), advocate for a safe place to live.

We need your help!  Please see the Call to Action below!

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Call to Action
Tell Austin City Council to protect our unhoused Brothers and Sisters that were given housing during the pandemic. Please do not kick them out onto the streets once the pandemic gets better.


Please send the following message to your City Council Member and to the Mayor (contact info can be found below):

Dear Council Member ___________ and Mayor Adler,

This is ___________________, and I am calling/writing on behalf of the Texas Poor People's Campaign. We are asking Austin City Council to keep all of the Protective Lodge Motels open during the pandemic to protect our most COVID-vulnerable unhoused neighbors. We understand that these residences were paid for with money from the CARES Act which expires on Dec 31; however, City Council still has $30 million left in its annual budget for the homeless that has not been spent.  We ask that some of these funds be reallocated in order to keep these residences open during the ongoing public health crisis.  

We also urge City Council to move more people from high-density shelters to these pro-lodge residences. Crowded spaces are a known health risk, and COVID outbreaks have already occurred at the Salvation Army's downtown shelter. One of our group members contracted COVID while staying there, and this caused significant setbacks to her ability to find stable housing.  

Another one of our group members was offered a bus ticket out of the state –– At this point, we'd like some answers.

City Council is accountable to the people of Austin. Please do what is right.



City Council Contact Info:

Mayor Steve Adler


Council Member Natasha Harper Madison


Council Member Delia Garza


Council member Sabino Renteria


Council Member Greg Casar


Council Member Ann Kitchen


Council Member James Flannigan


Council member Leslie Pool


Council member Paige Ellis


Council member Kathie Tovo


Council Member Alison Alter


City Manager Spencer Cronk 


Homeless Services Officer

Vella Karman